Advertising your business

There are numerous ways used in promoting and advertising your business both online and offline.

If you have established a business profile then you are on your way to having tools to promote your business further.

For offline promotion getting business cards made up and flyers is a positive step forward. There are many places where you can get business cards made up for very little expense as is the case for flyers. Hand these out wherever you are and whenever you can. Let people know what you do and always point them to your business products and services.

For promoting your business online there are also a number of extremely worthwhile avenues as well as some that are a waste of time.

Some of the Free promotion services such as Safelists are really just about bringing Traffic to your website/business as a way of building up your credibility with the search Engines.

Search engine optimisation is integral in getting the power of the search engines to work for you and there are numerous articles and support organisations out there that can help you maximise your businesses website potential.

One of the best ways that I have found to promote my business websites is to use Paid advertising through PTC sites. I have found that the majority of people that visit these sites are in the business of making money for themselves and are also looking for further opportunities to do so. Some of the PTC sites that are out there have very reasonable rates of advertising that make promoting your business in this way a very astute decision.

I have been using one particular site which has given me a 10% take up rate on services and products that I offer. This percentage of take up has far exceeded my direct email marketing campaigns and has given me over 500% returns on any investment I have made. There is one site that I primarily use and this allows me to undertake Geographic marketing tactics.  This site offers very low advertising rates and multiple advertising methods.  You can visit the site by visiting here

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