Introducing … – The Most Targeted Email Advertising that’s Paying You 7% Daily Cash Back for 30 Days on ALL Your Advertising Purchases. Alert2Pay has taken the most responsive advertising online today, to a much higher level. Our Concept Marketing program has eliminated the purchase of impressions or views, offering all members actual guaranteed clicks and REAL eyeballs for every single site ad we offer. The future of TARGETED email marketing is offered here! Everyone is welcomed to Join and Share in this exclusive program.
We are giving our members the tools needed to grow their own businesses and/or start a brand new business venture with us. We want the independence to build our own business with our hard work and dedication. If you want it, you can do it. will help you get there with all the tools and resources needed.
Alert2pay is not a hyip, not a mlm, not a doubler and definitely not a cycler. We’re a Targeted Email Advertising company that’s Paying You Daily Cash Back on ALL Your Advertising Purchases. We sit under the umbrella called AI Corp, (AlertInvest Corporation). is the first website under the AI Corp umbrella.

3% cash back daily for 70 days – $10 purchase will give you 100 mailing credits and 250 banner & text credits for each daily purchase position. compounding is available!
7% cash back daily for 30 days! – $25 purchase will give you 1000 mailing credits and 250 banner & text credits for each daily purchase position. compounding is available!
Earn 10% referral commission on 2 levels. 5% on level 1 and another 5% on level 2. Even free members can earn hefty commissions with
Our daily mailing limits are 1000 members per day per person, this means that a member can email up to 1000 members per day with their credits – Only 10 solo ads will be sent daily to keep spam and cluttering to a minimum. You can stop emails from coming to your inbox from your back office – Please Note: if you are a free member and want traffic to your site you must click for credits! It is not wise to stop emails from coming.
Earning credits. All members will earn 100 credits for clicking emails and 10 credits for banner & text ads clicked on a 10 second view. You are guaranteed to get sign ups and sales with

Free members are welcome to join Alert2Pay and they will most likely need to click for credits, so Alert2Pays advertising will be most responsive for all. Remember free members, you can still earn with us even as a free member, 10% commission on 2 levels
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