Are Get Paid to Click sites worthwhile and effective?

I have come across a number of the Get Paid to Click sites and have done alright out of a few, some are just downright annoying with dead links, surveys that time out and minimum pay for maximum time.

The majority of them payout a pittance for your clicks and it can take quite some time to earn enough to even get to minimum withdrawal amounts.

There are some out there that say they will pay you up to $5.00 per click, however I believe these to be nothing but a scam. The genuine ones do not pay anywhere near that amount.

Most require you to upgrade from the free account before they become worthwhile, and for the majority I don’t think that it is worth it that much.

There are a number of new ones starting up using PTCBux software and they don’t sem too bad, however I am yet to earn enough to make a withdrawal.

There is one however that I have had great success with, I have managed to earn enough within the first week to cover the cost of an upgrade and have been very happy with my earnings to date. This site is called clixsense and presents you with enough to do on a daily basis that if you spend an hour on the site you can earn enough to make it worth your while.

Obviously Paid to Click sites are not going to get you rich quick and some wont get you rich at all, but some are worth the time and effort to continue using as the added supplement to your income sure comes in handy

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