My Surf Biz

My Surf Biz is a fantastic down-line Builder That pays commisions in an instant.

This Business development opportunity is one not to be missed and is a great way of bringing refferals to your favourite programs.

Once you become a member for a one off fee (at time of writing this it cost $15.00) at signup you are then encouraged to set up your auto responder and then enter your top 9 programs to begin building your list and building your downlines.

Tis program is very simple to use and navigate yourself around however if you do require assistance then you can always find a friendly support person ot contact me direct via my skype at rdstockley

It took me a total of 45 minutes to complete the process of setting everything up in this program, partly because it took 20 minutes for my Payment Processor link to be approved and then I was able to start my promotions into rotation.

I will add to this report as time goes by as to my progress.

You can visit this program by following this link hereĀ or this Link Here

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