Neucopia Review – Is the Hype Real?

Neucopia Review
There is no shortage of Internet based income opportunities.
New ones seem to come out every day and they all claim to be the greatest, hottest, best, etc.
What I look for is three things:
1. How good is the product?
2. How good is the compensation plan?
3. How good is the company management?
Neucopia’s product is education and training. The CEO Rich Cook has earned 50,000 dollars a month as an online affiliate marketer. This is someone you may want to learn from.
He has an inner circle of affiliate marketing friends who are some of the top in the world. Some who earn 10 times what Rich makes!
They will be educating and training Neucopia Members.
Experts are saying the Neucopia compensation plan is the most powerful one perhaps in the history of our industry.
200 dollars commission on new sales and 100 dollars residual monthly commission. Not too shabby!
The management team is remarkable. Rich Cook as the CEO. Ryan Williams is the VP of Field Operations. Ryan has a ton of experience in this industry as a trainor, mentor and coach.
Overall, I have to say, if you combine all of this with the fact that Neucopia is brand new, very, very ground have a perfect storm that should create what may be the most lucrative affiliate program of the decade.
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